What is a Minimal Delightful Product?

The concept of going beyond just building an MVP (minimum viable product), but creating software that is keyed into delighting users, to help promote engagement, and increase adoption. This is based on the theory that people will gravitate toward software that solves a problem in an enjoyable way, over a product that is difficult to use or hard to grasp.

The main goal of every entrepreneur is to build a successful product that will be useful and enjoyable for customers, attract a potential audience, and keep users coming back for more. The concept of a good profitable startup involves developing the business side of a product as well as creating a product that truly delights consumers.

A lot of brands believe that Minimal Viable Product, or MVP, is a great way not only to quickly test your concept but to create a version of their product that customers really want. In practice, only creating a Minimal Delightful Product is meant to accomplish a business goal, and to grab user attention and interaction.

What is a Minimal Delightful Product?

The main idea of a Minimal Delightful Product (MDP) is bringing clients into interactions with the brand, in addition, to fulfil basic customer’s needs and solve their problems. Along with the MVP, MDP is intended to motivate people to use a product on a regular basis.

To build and develop an MDP that will help to catch and keep satisfied customers, follow these 3 steps below:

  1. Find a problem that needs to be solved.

Discuss with your team if you are moving in the right direction. Analyze, what problem should be resolved with your product? Does this problem occur frequently in a user's everyday life? Will they get back to your brand again? Is your solution better than competitors? The decent answers to these questions are the most telling indicators if the product will hit the target audience.

  1. Figure out the place your product plays into customer’s everyday routine.

The practice to rely on user’s stories has been around for a long time. Of course, it is impossible to check out every use of the product before it is released. Collect the information about the typical usage of your product. Nevertheless, analyzing user narratives and interpreting their needs will help you to focus on the specifics and features that will be the most appropriate in the final product and which will be the pattern for future versions of the product. Delightful products get better word of mouth and create higher satisfaction.

  1. Accomplish frequent A/B testing.

A/B testing is an experiment with two or more variables that are randomly “delivered” to consumers. The statistical analysis determines the better classification to fulfil the purpose of the product. To ensure that everything works well for both users and developers, make A/B testing an important and regular part of creating a delightful product. Developing multiple prototypes of the product will help to find the perfect market fit.

Developing the MDP is the essential upgrade of MVP which leads to better results.

Maintaining the delightful product requires interaction with potential users and collecting their feedback to create a better solution for the customer’s problem.

Reaching the Minimum Delightful Product stage is a compulsory component of a successful long-term existing marketplace.

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