Seventh Dev: WHAT DO YOU DO?

We create apps without breaking your bank and provide a pleasant user experience


There is no magic about our app development - it’s merely an optimization for maximum efficiency.

We offer the best price in the market


We don’t sacrifice performance for price. Our apps are superfast and buttery smooth to use.

We also make sure to optimize the program to run with maximum efficiency possible, so that it uses less resources than it normally would.

We achieve this level of efficiency by developing everything from the scratch. This opens an opportunity for us to optimize each and every aspect of the program to your requirements.

Therefore, there are no residual codes or resources sitting on your server and adding cost to your bills. You pay only for what you require - Not a penny more

Increase your revenue with mobile apps


We believe mobile applications are a revenue generating machine that connects you and your customers with ease.

We implement strategies that have already generated millions of dollars in revenue.

Curious to know more on how you can increase your revenue with a mobile app? GET IN TOUCH

The service we are offering is specifically designed to meet your business needs.


Efficiency keeps the cost down

Why pay for an expensive server with high specification when a relatively lower spec’d server is enough for your business.

Strategic App Development for high returns

Reach beyond your boundaries with a mobile app and generate more revenue than you do right now - with our proven app development strategies.

99% uptime with Multi-Server Technology

We ensure 24/7 uptime of servers with multi-server technology. Your app will never go down.

Unbreakable Guaranteed Security

Get all your payment back if our app gets hacked. We secure our app with top notch security systems.

Super-Fast Apps

No slowing down. Be it a latest iPhone or an old android device, our applications are responsive and provide a wonderful user experience.

Why do our apps perform so well on iOS as well as Android?

All our apps are native apps built specifically for the platform. We always develop two separate apps - one for iOS and another for android.


These native codes run on full acceleration on every device without draining much of the battery. Our experts will design the algorithm in such a way that it uses only the resources it needs to perform at lightning speed.


Scale as you like

We can increase your servers as per your demand. A new application is usually followed by a boost in the business. Within months businesses require more servers and this demand is consistent.


With our system you can scale whenever you want to and That’s why we have a system called scale on demand. There is virtually no limit to scale mobile applications. Mobile application is in fact the easiest way to scale any business.

Talk to our experts and find out how you can scale your business with mobile apps. GET IN TOUCH

Create your own unique digital experience


Each and every brand is unique on its own and so are their apps. We’ll design a unique digital experience that gives your brand a story.

Be different!

Stand out from the crowd by providing a wonderful user experience that is unique and cannot be experienced anywhere else.

User experience connects your customers emotionally with your brand. Make it more charming and fascinating to use.

Make your dream a reality

Do you have an idea?


Let’s give life to your idea. With a passionate team you can do wonders. Leverage our skills to build your own empire. Place the first stone of your empire.

How does it work?

Submit a Request

Reply in 24 hours: Our Business Analyst will contact you to discuss and define project requirements in detail.

Project Quote/Proposal

Estimated in 2-3 days: Our Analyst will provide a detailed project proposal including a cost estimate, project plan & timeline. The project starts as soon as the Proposal is approved.

Start a Project

2 days after approval: Dedicated project manager + designer + developers will start working on your project.

Let's Build Something Great Together.

Here’s what you will get for submitting your contact details.

  • 45 minutes of free consultation

  • A strict non-disclosure policy

  • Free Market & Competitive Analysis

  • Suggestions on Revenue Models & Planning

  • Detailed Feature List Document

  • No Obligation Proposal

  • Action plan to kick start your project

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