If you clicked on this Blog, you're probably wondering whether you should use react native or flutter to develop your mobile application well you came to the right place because today I'm going to finally answer that question for you.

Now keep in mind that I am no professional app developer or even have the slightest interest in any of this.

But I sure am good with my research and here is all that I could compile together. Give it a thorough read.



Mobile applications are trending these days with the large amount of admin frameworks that we have available for us.

But there's two main frameworks that stand out and are trending these days which are react native and flutter.

React native and Flutter are two of the most popular cross-platform frameworks that are out today being used to build millions of applications every single day

So, the question is which one do you want to use and which one is more beneficial for you?

There are several factors that we have to look at to come to a proper conclusion

A lot of articles out there and also a lot of people say you can choose either of them and that there is no right or wrong answer to this... Though this is partially true

There are certain situations/scenarios one might face which will give you a definitive answer to the questions.



Who developed react native and flutter, well you might already know this but for those who don’t?

They have been developed by the two biggest tech giants in the world one of them being Google which developed flutter and the other one being react native which was developed by Facebook.

We all know both GOOGLE and FACEBOOK are extremely great Tech companies.

So clearly... Both React native and Flutter win here.

Now coming to the elephant in the room.


Now there is a very simple answer to this (not at all simple). And that is that a lot of companies want to hire you as a react native developer but why is that?

Simple... It's because react native has been out there in the market for a very long time!

React native is well established and has a huge market.

BUT and a big BUT! Though companies would want to hire you as a react native developer (current scenario)

DO not forget the fact that there is a future... And the popularity that FLUTTER has gained is going into the direction of it being the NEW BEST THING in a couple of years (PROBABLY, NOT SURE!).

So, if you're in your universities and school and colleges, and have a lot of time and are not looking for a job at the moment... Then FLUTTER might be the right choice.

So, the winner here is REACT NATIVE.



This might be the key reason why one might choose one over the other.

Anyone who's been doing JavaScript for years and years and as you probably know JavaScript is one of the most popular languages in the world

Well here is where react native grabs its popularity

React native is based on the framework called react that framework is all based in JavaScript

It is a very easy transaction for a person who has his base in java script to get used to react native. While FLUTTER is a huge curveball

FLUTTER makes use of DART which is a new language and was developed by Google only recently

And Hence the winner here is REACT NATIVE... Hugely because Flutter comes with a learning curve.



Now let's talk about performance between react native and flutter

Flutter uses dart and dart doesn't need to have a JavaScript bridge like react native does to interact with its native components.

Dart directly compiles to machine code which just tells us that it's so much faster than react native when it comes to performance.

I Believe in the future when we start to create much more intense software for mobile apps the performance will be an extremely big criteria when it comes to deciding between which framework you're going to use.

So the winner of this category is most certainly flutter.


React native is used by many companies today such as

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Tesla

  • Uber Eats

  • Bloomberg

All these big corporate companies and tech giants make use of react native.

Now when it comes to FLUTTER because it's backed by Google

We can obviously tell that it has gained a lot of attention this year to what I'm aware of. The things that are written in flutter are Google ads And also, Alibaba who has adopted flutter to make one of their mobile phone apps.

And we see an increasing trend of more and more companies using FLUTTER as their framework.

And I naturally assume that this number will go UP.

BUT still the winner of this category is REACT NATIVE!


Well let's just assume that you are an individual that wants to get into mobile app development.

Now if you're planning to go and work for Google well you should then definitely learn flutter

If you're planning to be an individual that works for Facebook then in that case you should learn react native.

It is important for you to look into the company.

Now it is equally important to look into the future and decide what you want to do... Now as mentioned earlier...

If you have time at your disposal and are young and fresh in mind and have no intention to work anytime soon and want to grow. You should lean towards FLUTTER.

But if you aren't any of this ... stick to REACT NATIVE! (it’s going to be relevant for many years to come. It's Not going to go extinct in a year or 2)

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