Find The Answer For These 20 Questions.

  1. Is your product/service a market fit?

  2. Do you have a skilled and adequate team?

  3. Do you have a counter competitor strategy?

  4. Do you generate good traction?

  5. Does the financial reserve of the venture adequate?

  6. Do you have the right pricing for your product/service?

  7. Do you have a unique business model?

  8. Did you identify your close competitors?

  9. Do you pay enough attention to your customers?

  10. Are you an investor-fit venture?

  11. Is your product/service right on time?

  12. Do you and your team have your focus intact?

  13. Is there harmony among founders, team, and investors?

  14. Does your product/service scalable?

  15. Are there adequate opportunities to board investors?

  16. Are you free from legal & compliance hassle?

  17. Do you have an adequate network and efficient advisors?

  18. Is there a burning of cash?

  19. Do you have innovative marketing and sales strategy?

  20. Do you have your product/service customer-friendly?

Who we are?

Seventh Dev is just not another Tech or Sales or Creative shop in the corner but a powerhouse accommodating skill sets to listen, analyze, study, build and deliver the solutions to operate, run and grow healthy Startups and Scaleups.

What we do it?

We are equipped full house with Tech Titans, Marketing Mavericks, Design Dragons, Content Crusaders, Sales Sharks, Multilingual Marshals, Digital Dynamos, Video Vikings, Gaming Gizmos, Legal Leopards, Finance Falcons, etc, to cover every aspect of growth.

Why us?

With Our expertise we try to study the business, the opportunities, the flaws, the gaps, the unresolved, the progress, the possibilities to create a roadmap of solutions, partner with ventures to implement, walk the progress to scale in terms of revenue, brand, partners, etc.


Partner and Engage with us to Build and Shape the Best Effective and Impactful Solution to Create A Global Presence. We Are Waiting !!!

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