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We all know Elon musk has been giving us everything we ever wanted. FROM awesome looking electronic cars to sci-fi related space travel. we've all heard about TESLA, SPACEX but Elon has also been working on a project in NEURALINK where he literally places a chip on our brain. Yes, you read it right, a chip inside our skull...

ELON SAYS, “you remove about a coin-sized piece of skull and you can just walk around right afterward”.


Elon musk unveiled NEURALINKs implantable chip “ LINK V0.9 ”. It’s a brain-computer interface designed to be implanted directly into the brain by a surgical robot. Surgery without incision and can be done without general anaesthesia. And yeah then there's the fact that you can leave the hospital the same day you walk in. (maybe even fly out lol, you never know with Elon musk)

The chip plugs into your brain by tiny microscopic threads, they are about 1/20th width of a human hair and they can and they make neurons in your brain to send and receive signals. Elon Musk also claims that they cannon damage your brain in any form.


I can't really believe that I'm giving you the specifications of a brain chip but here goes

  • 1024 channels per link

  • 23 mm * 8 mm

  • Flush with skull(invisible)

  • 6-axis IMU, temperature, pressure, etc

  • Megabit wireless data rate, post-compression

  • ALL-DAY BATTERY LIFE (yes, all day it is)

  • Wireless charging (obviously)

More about it

It's designed to wirelessly connect to your phone via Bluetooth with a range of 5 to 10 meters.

ELON says it'll start off expensive (the surgery that is) but Musk says it'll eventually cost only a couple of thousand dollars. He says he wants it to be about as costly as a laser eye surgery.


So, you're with me so far. Now let's get to the interesting part. (wait wasn’t it interesting enough already?)

Elon musk did a demo and bought out 3 live pigs. (yes three live PIGS). One without a brain implant, one who had the link implanted and had it removed without any issues, and a third pig named GERTRUDE.

Picture 1.png


Head neurosurgeon Matthew MacDougall said the first trials of the link would be aimed at treating things like paraplegia the company said it received FDA breakthrough device designation in July now that's not the same as FDA approval but it is a fast track to getting a medical device out in the field.

Now, this is where Elon musk shines!

He says NEURALINK doesn't want to stop there curing blindness by implanting the link in the visual cortex treating mental health conditions like depression anxiety and addiction. connecting the link to a heads up display so you could walk around like the terminator and then there were basic ideas like I don't know telepathy, replaying your own memories, superhuman vision, and the ability to see ultraviolet light oh and connecting your brain and uploading it into a robot. (yes you read that right, again)

Elon Musk stated, “this is sounding increasingly like a black mirror episode”. You’ve got to appreciate his sense of humour!

NOW. Don’t get your hopes high

They didn’t give us any concrete timelines or really any idea of how they'd actually work so while the link could be amazing for treating things like spinal injuries don't expect to turn into the terminator any time soon.

If you'd like to watch the video yourself. click below

Elon Musk showed off Neuralink's new implantable brain chip and demonstrated it working in real time on a pig.

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